Why use our mortgage repayments calculator?

Understanding your mortgage repayments is the first step toward responsible property ownership. Use our mortgage repayments calculator to:

• Estimate your monthly repayments based on loan amount, interest rate and term

• Experiment with different scenarios to find the most suitable payment plan

• Plan your budget effectively and avoid any surprises down the road


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At The Finance Company, we understand that navigating mortgages can be complex.

Our mortgage repayment calculator empowers you to:

Estimate your potential monthly mortgage payments under different term scenarios

Compare monthly costs across different monthly terms

• Benefit from our experienced bridging finance team

• Calculate finances for property values and loan amounts to scale your portfolio

• Receive tailored insights based on your financial situation

• Making your property transition seamless

• Experience a user-friendly calculator that ensures simplicity in your planning

Having transparency into hypothetical repayment terms allows you to make informed financing decisions as you weigh mortgage options.



Frequently asked questions:

What does a monthly mortgage payment include?

The components of your monthly mortgage payment depend on the type of mortgage you have:

  • Interest-only mortgage - With an interest-only mortgage, your monthly payments only cover the interest charges due each month. You are not paying down the principal loan balance during the interest-only period
  • Principal and interest mortgage - For a standard principal and interest mortgage, your payments go towards both the interest owed each month and paying down the principal loan balance. This pays off the loan over the full term
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